Datxplore documentation

Version 2016R1

This documentation is for Monolix Suite 2016R1.



Datxplore is a graphical and interactive software for the exploration and visualization of data. Data set under consideration are for population modeling as defined here. Datxplore provides various plots and graphics (box plots, histograms, survival curves…) to study the statistical properties of discrete and continuous data, and to analyze the behavior depending on covariates, individuals, etc.


The graphical interface comprises three parts in addition to the menu.



In the menu, the user can find

  • Project: Create, load or save a project. Export graphic(s) to .png, .bmp or .jpg format.
  • Tools: Access a window used to modify covariates. Set data to log on Y-Axis if possible.
  • Help: About. License.

Data selection

Two lists take inventory of the data from the user data set. According to the selected Y-Axis element, the X-Axis list is updated. Once an element of each list is selected, the graphics are created. See Data selection section.

Data manipulation

Used to select, filter or split data. See Data manipulation section.

Data visualization

In the Graphics frame, the user can see all the possible graphics. See Data visualization section.